This is something really short I wrote up on another forum to get people psyched about possibly having another location other than Area 51 for the fifth Nazi Zombie map that would come out with Map Pack 4 (if there ever will be one) for Call of Duty: World at War.

I was simply really tired of all the users being very narrow minded and all rallying for an Area 51 map, as obviously that's really cheesy and has been overdone countless times, and I simply wanted to open their minds to more possibilities.

Anyway, there's no real plot line here that you can follow, though I will say you may be seeing this later in my "Beauty of Annihilation" Nazi Zombie story (also found on this forum) or something like it, and I'll simply let you all assume what occurs here, and let you make inferences to create an entire story in your head. Enjoy.
"Dimitri, can you hear me?" ... *static* "Dimitri, respond." ... *static* ... "What is the matter, comrade?" ... "Dimitri won't respond. The radio is dead." ... "Do you think it has anything to do with that explosion?" ... "I believe it has everything to do with that explosion, comrade. I fear for the worst." ... *static*

Imagine, if you will, early 1900's Eastern Europe. Divided and blocked off. What happens behind this barrier, few know. The Russians keep to themselves, as do the Germans.

The Politburo (Russia) and Wehrmacht (Germany) alike broadcasts government controlled media day in and day out, and informs the general population day in and day out that their countries are in perfect condition; that jobs are plentiful, food is bountiful, and that everything will be fine.

But what sorts of events were kept hidden from the public, and from the rest of the world? We know of the Tunguska event that occured in 1908, but what happened after that? Was the meteor moved? Did the Russian government sieze it? Or did someone else find it before the Russian government decided to take action and remove thet meteor from the wilderness of the barrens of Siberia.

"Dimitri Rascalov and a task force of eleven men will be sent to the approximated location of the impact site today, on the day of February 19th, 1934, to sieze the meteor so Russian scientists may further investigate it. It is rumored that other countries may be operating to find this meteor, and it is of the highest priotority that our men retrieve it. Another explosion has rumored to occur, possibly a pulse blast of some nature that was delayed from detonating with the rest of the impact when the meteor was suspected to crash thirty years ago."

And what occured when Dimitri Rascalov and his men reached the crash site? Local native tribesmen informed his men upon arrival to a small village that they should be wary of the "Valleymen." Unsure of what they meant, the men pressed on into the wilderness, searching the landscape for the meteor.

But who are these Valleymen? Simply figments of the superstitious Evenki hunters' imaginations? Or strange men with large mechanical machines and strange lights that worked and toiled in the middle of the night, disturbing the wintery wildlife that the Evenki hunted?

"Dimitri. Respond. What is happening?" ... *static* ... "What do you suggest we do, commissar?" ... "We go in ourselves."

Many theorized that the Nazi Party of Germany dedicated years and billions in funds for research towards "wunderwaffes," which in German means "wonder weapons." And what better wonder weapon than a meteor of inexplicable properties? What did the Nazis believe they could extract from this meteor?

"Eyewitness reports gathered from the local tribesmen told us of the noises and of the lights on the day that the object fell from the sky. They tell us of bright blinding lights as brilliant as the Sun at midday, and of noises greater than many avalanches resounding around the Siberian tundra at once.

There have been reports that the meteor never made a direct impact. An old hag informed us that the meteor had gotten just above the horizon, and then the impact had occured. Dr. Bieber theorizes that the meteor simply exploded, but Dr. Adler disagrees. Dr. Adler believes that the meteor contains a special element, that he referred to as "Element 115," that occurs frequently in small meteorites. He believes this element is capable of manipulative properties, allowing it to "teleport."

We are intrigued. Every day we get closer to the meteor, and we plan to use it to the fullest extent of the Fuhrer."

The element found in the Tunguska meteor would later be recognized as Unenpentium, element 115 on the Periodic Table of Elements. What properties could Element 115 actually accomplish? Teleportation? Time-manipulation? Raising the deceased?

"Oh my God..." ... "The bodies are everywhere." ... "What is that?" ... "It's crouched over that corpse." ... "Dimitri?" ... *moan* ... "Dimitri, is that you?" ... *moan* ... "Dimitri?!" ... *louder moan* ... "Kill it! Kill it!" ... *gunshots* ... "What in hell is this place?"